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My name is Bich Ngoc, my friends call me Mon.

writing under the pseudonym Diep Ha!
This is Mon's blog - where I share my feelings about life, my perspective on life

of his own.

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A few words to share

I am not a very successful person, not a celebrity.

Nor am I qualified to preach ethics, give philosophical talks, and teach others what to do.

I just want to build my own little world, express my inner self, share what I can give in order to expect to receive the same things in return to improve my writing material.


Hi, I'm Bich Ngoc and you are experiencing my blog. 
If you want me to write about something, send a request in the form next to it.
If you want me to be a contributor, please submit a request or contact me directly using the information publicly available on this website.
I will respond back as soon as possible.

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