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Bui Bich Ngoc

Copywriter - Blogger - Content Writer





Yen Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi

Date of birth:

March 18, 1995


Academic level

Bachelor of Marketing - E-Commerce

Business management.

Vietnam Women's Academy.

From 2013 to 2017.

Work experience

March 2022 

March 2018 - July 2021

September 2017

Freelance Writer job

Currently, parallel to the work of taking care of children is the work of blogging and working as a Contributor with websites that need to build content. My strengths are Life - Society - Trends and Quality of Life content. 

Vietogether: Collaborator (Pseudonym Diep Ha).

Write and post in the category Life.

Synthesize news about life, society, consumption.

Receive booking PR articles for individuals, organizations and businesses.

Dong Tay Culture Co., Ltd

Participating in a multi-author book project.

Project name: And when lost.


Netfin Financial Technology Joint Stock Company. 

-Customer Care Position: Taking care of customers by phone (personal and hotline), taking care of customers via social networks Facebook and Zalo, introducing and guiding customers about products, receiving feedback and answering questions, summarizing and report.

-Administrative assistant position: In 2020, I was transferred from my superior to the position of assistant to the management level, supporting the administrative department. Work to follow and support superiors in meetings, seminars, etc.. Prepare required documents and administrative documents, contact between internal departments and partners, monitor progress complete some work. In addition, it also supports a number of other logistics activities.

In 2021, leave work due to childbirth and change industry.

DeAura Vietnam Company - Telemarketing position.

The main job is to make calls to introduce the company's products and services to potential customers, specifically spa services and beauty products, to close appointments.

I have been trained in communication skills with customers, handling situations to close sales, taking care of customers after product experience.


- 21-day cross-platform writing course - Coaching 1:1 - Mentor Hanh Nguyen, Co-founder DIMIBOOKS.

-Sketchnote drawing course with Painter Xuan Lan (Westudy).

-Bullet Journal drawing course - Instructor Thanh Ha (Westudy).


- Essay writing skills, newspaper writing: strong topics are life - society, life trends, marriage - family, child care, lifestyle.

- Skills in writing SEO web articles, blogging.

- Skills to design images on Canvas, basic photo and video editing on other apps, for writing.

- Office computer skills.


- Reading books: prose genre, personal development, books about writing profession, content, psychology books...

- Writing blogs.

- Practice drawing on Procreate or on paper.

- Edit photos and clips of yourself and family members.

- Coffee with close people.

- Listen to music and watch movies.

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