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I've written a lot before but never thought of this as a skill to become a career. I only write to satisfy my hobby of writing.

In early 2022, I officially entered the writing path. My orientation is to write about life content, trends, and psychology, especially with priority given to women who encounter troubles and crises in daily life. In addition, I also want my articles to be able to help young women visualize the future objectively and multi-faceted, helping themselves to orient themselves more positively.

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- Idea generation skills, converting ideas into concrete plans.

- Skills to plan content by week, month, report results.

- Ability to research, synthesize and analyze information.

- Essay writing skills, newspaper writing: strong topics are life - society, life trends, marriage - family, child care, lifestyle.

- Skills in writing SEO web articles, blogging.

- Skills to design images on Canvas, basic photo and video editing on other apps, for writing.

- Office computer skills.


Contributors write articles

There are two articles applied through two recruitment rounds, I was selected by Vietogether's editorial board to publish with the name of CTV Bui Bich Ngoc at the end of the article.

In future posts, I can use my account with a pseudonymDiep Ha.

The percentage of my articles that are approved to be published on the Vietogether web is80-85% withaverage views from >100 to <400 organic views in the first week per post on the website.Unique >96%.

In addition, I also accept booking for PR articles for individuals and business organizations on Vietogether website.


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Dong Tay Culture Co., Ltd


Collaborating on a multi-author book project

Book project: Text "And when lost"

The article is under the topic: And when lost - Love stays.

Joined from: March 2022.

Results of selection to participate in the project in May 2022.

The project is currently in the editing phase.


Write articles on Spiderum.

There was an article that reached >1000 views in the first week of posting.

My personal page on Spiderum

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The article "Good men are like devils" reached >1000 views in the first 6 days, reached the top 10 featured articles of the month after 1 week.

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Nhật ký cá nhân


Biên tập viên chuẩn SEO


Tiktok Linh Lục Xu

Viết kịch bản cho kênh Tiktok Linh Lục Xu giai đoạn đầu. Nội dung kênh là các câu chuyện nhỏ về tình yêu học đường trong sáng, định hướng thu hút người trẻ theo dõi và hồi tưởng. Mục tiêu xây dựng tệp khách hàng cũng như lượng người theo dõi phù hợp với định hướng của KOL.

Các sản phẩm nổi bật đạt đến 1-2 triệu views như Tình đầu trong tranh, Chạy về phía em và một số sản phẩm tâm đắc khác như Lớp học của tình yêu, Chàng trai ở thư viện, Hoa tuylip trắng, Lời hứa sau chia tay, Những cây kẹo bạc hà,...

Các sản phẩm được khách hàng duyệt chọn vẫn chưa được public toàn bộ.

Diep Ha Podcast

Ra mắt 2 playlist podcast trên nền tảng VoizFM:

  • Hạnh phúc tự thân (4.8 sao và 56 đánh dấu)

  • Hôn nhân khí chất (phát song song, 4.2 sao và 42  đánh dấu)

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